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Taking a Shot (Play-by-Play Series #3)

Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton Jenna has dreams. Dreams that she has not truly followed. Some of her dreams have been prevented due to familia responsibilities. To complicate matters in her life and heighten her pheromones comes Tyler. He is a sexy man that is very interested in Jenna. She is attracted to him but refuses to submit to her desires.Tyler must have Jenna. This confuses Tyler because she is not his usual type. She defines an interest he never knew he had. He is determine to be with her and he will stop at nothing to score his goal. When two people are different but the same, need one another but don't even know it, and are fighting the chemistry they have; but one must Take The Shot or the leap to achieve their desires.This is a great read if you love sports, gorgeous men, and HEA's for past characters in this series.This book can be read as a stand-alone, as this is the very first book of the series that I read, and I must say that I did enjoy.