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Connected (Connections #1)

Connected (Connections #1) - Kim Karr This book was very eye-opening for me. I was very engaged with the writing of the female lead and the boy with the beanie hat. I find their relationship very open, caring, and I hope it can withstand anything. The story has passion and suspense. I truly hope that the man who allowed her to visit the beach again and learn more about herself, more than she ever knew, remains in her life.She was a shell, with no light, and was led by a life that was comfortable and expected. What does a person do when they don't know who they are until they have lost it all. The female lead has grown and will be victorious in the end. She will be whole. I have used no names, of the characters in this review because we (as women) at some point were lost. Maybe not like the female protagonist but we were. This book is a wonderful treat in my book collection.Great advise Maryse!