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Release Me

Release Me - J. Kenner I was not really impressed by this book. I really believe there could have been more to the storyline and passion. I felt no connection to the characters, especially Damien. He is the power, her strength, I want to see more of his ability to control. It also kind of creeped me out with the knowledge he had about Nikki. The concept was similar to my favorites 50 shades and Bare to you, but not as powerful. I do believe if I would have read this book first, I would have loved it. The second story, which is presented at the end of the first book, looked very intriguing. I will read all three books in series because I can not leave a book series unopen.Yes, this book falls under the predictable of Billionaire men, who want what they want, have a contract to obtain it, show their power, lead with fear, and are surprised by the feelings that are acquired during the contract.