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Elite  - Rachel Van Dyken I was given an opportunity to review this book as an ARC from NetGallery. I am truly honored for the advance read.I must say that this book reminds me of Sempre, which I loved! Where to beginning? This is a story about a young girl, Trace, who leaves her only living family member to attend a private school called Eagle Elite. A brief history: Her parents passed away when she was young and she was raised by her grandparents. Recently, her grandmother passed away thus leaving her with her grandfather. Trace has been homeschooled and lives on a farm. She has been sheltered majority of her life due to secrets that she will learn about while at Eagle Elite.None of these details in her life (as she knows it) help her on her first day. Me, I am a firm believer that your first day of school, work, and college will define you and the year you will have. Well, Trace’s first day sucked and an Alpha male stud, Nixon, who runs the school, is one of the causes of her horrible, no good, very bad, first day.Trace meets Nixon who is infuriating and whom she fines attractive. He is also, one of the bullies who picked on her the first day. Nixon also happens to be the brother of Monroe who is Trace’s roommates. I heart Monroe! She is the perfect supporting character for Trace. Trace is picked on a lot throughout the book when she is alone, but when she is with the Elite she is rarely picked on. They run the school, well Nixon runs the school, thus providing her with “protection.” Through the story you see Trace grow, you see Nixon become fascinated with Trace (to the point of “I like you”) and you will see several significant twist in the story. They are so good, I need to read this again! One twist being that there is another boy who is also interested in Trace and she is very interested in him. What is a girl to do?I love the twist and turns in this book. I love the flow of the story and I am honestly torn by whom I think Trace should be with and how she should handle the secrets that become present in her life. The story will have you on the edge of your seats. There is no driving Miss Daisy with this book. It is only breaking speed limits, rapid gunfire, bodyguard, kind of speed. You must be prepared for the ride this story will take you on because; there is so much more to learn about Trace and the Elite.