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Facade (Games, #2)

Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn I was asked to provide an honest review from NetGallery, with an advance reading.Let me start by saying thank you to Nyrae Dawn for such a profound view on life through the eyes of two beautiful people. There was such anguish in this book. I felt so many emotions.As I have tried to express above, this was a powerful and engaging book. This book is in a series and I have not read the first book of this series. This worried me and I truly thought this might effect how well I understand this book. But this book is a standalone. You see snippets from the first book but they help with the development of this book and not hinder the readers understanding.The key characters in this book are Delaney and Adrian. They are two adults that are dealing with issues in their life. These issues are connected but Adrian does not know this in his pursuit to bed Delaney. Delaney does know that they are connected. In many stories we are told that things happen for a reason, those reasons are unbeknownst to us but when they happen, two people from different locations are drawn together. They just get one another. In this book, two hurt (emotionally distraught) people are pulled together and are intrigued and attracted to one another. Ask yourself: How can you fix what is all ready broken? How can one learn to trust if they cannot trust yourself? Trust me when you read this book, you will understand this statement.This story is so gut wrenching. I had to obtain a box of tissues while reading the story. I have never wanted a particular outcome to occur more in a book then this one.