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The Dominant (The Submissive Trilogy, #2)

The Dominant (The Submissive Trilogy, #2) - Tara Sue Me The Dominant is the second book by Tara Sue Me, and it is perfection. I enjoyed this book immensely. In this book we get the perspective of Nathaniel regarding him accepting Abby. This version is my absolute favorite. His thought process and how he is so frantic while preparing scenes for her, priceless. Through Abby's eyes we see a strong man with no fear and no empathy. Through his eyes we see weakness and need for companionship. I was given this book as an ARC, and am so Thankful to NetGallery for this experience. I previously had heard about the Submissive and was curious. Once I received the Dominant, I quickly purchased the Submissive so I could follow book two properly.Originally I was not very impressed by the Submissive at first but reading book two of the Trilogy, I found that I my previous review and rating for this book needs to be updated. (After the release date)I am aware that may people compare this book to FSoG but I would not. This book is not your average love story which makes me very curious to read the Training (book three). Happy reading bibliophiles.