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Changing The Game (Play By Play, #2)

Changing the Game - Jaci Burton I found this book to be steamier then the other books that I have read in this series so far (book 1 and book 3 of the play by play series) from Ms. Burton and I loved it.The story is about a woman (Elizabeth) who is afraid to love and has loved the same man (Gavin) for so long. Elizabeth has never told Gavin that she loves him. Gavin is actually Elizabeth's employer. Gavin is like many men, he has no idea that Elizabeth loves him. At the beginning of the book Gavin expresses his attraction to Elizabeth thus having them partake in a friends/employee with benefits relationship.In the beginning of their sexual relationship Gavin shows his sensitive side and wants to keep Elizabeth close (near him) but how close can you keep someone that's afraid to love.Elizabeth and Gavin have many barriers in their relationship, some of them are their own, and some of them are from outside people. But if two people who can't express themselves, their needs and wants outside of the bedroom, how strong will they be when the outside wants in. Will they survive as employee and employer, or will this be the demise of one of the most epic relationships in Ms. Burton's series.