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Unbreak Me

Unbreak Me - Lexi Ryan Wow this book was very well written and very good. I really love the characters in the book especially Maggie, Asher, and Will. I think out of everyone I love Will the most. He was an upfront standup guy who wanted to be with Maggie no matter what. I mean he truly believe he wanted to be with her and loved her forever. I just don't know if that was lust or if it was true love. I feel like Will just really wanted to save her. He knew her when she was young and needed him. In his mind he was her Prince but this is 2013 and we don't need Princes anymore we are Princesses, we make mistakes but we rule the world.Though she was promiscuous (got to love her) Maggie ruled the world and she did it well.I really like the growth, the forgiveness and the realist factor of this book. Of course I am curious about the characters. Does Asher go on tour and does the distance affect him and Maggie? Will he become an alcoholic again? Will he still be married because of alimony? Will Will come back in the picture and save Maggie from herself or will she save him? Will loves her for her but she is strong now, he may find that he loves this Maggie more (the strong shattered (mosaic) Maggie)