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Scornfully Yours (Torn, #1)

Scornfully Yours (Torn, #1) - Pamela Ann Emma is in love with a man (Carter) who proclaims he will never love (Yes, you find out why. Carter is the All-American athlete and he is hot (as described by Ms. Ann, WOW). What is a girl to do? Well, Emma does the only thing she knows how, that is to protect her heart. Emma leaves him. Carter doesn’t like that too much to the point I would say he is cruel to Emma (sad face). Throughout this book you must remember the following three things about Mr. McHottie Carter:1. He will never love, unless something changes2. He is hot, hot, hot3. He doesn’t like to be rejected and he doesn’t give upHeart broken, Emma ventures on a girl’s only trip to the city, to dance it up and let loose (let Carter go!). This is where we find Bass. Man do I love me some Bass. Their encounter is sweet and energized. He wants her so bad but backs off “to be friends/I am interested in you” until she can get over Carter.While with Bass, Carter discovers that Emma has moved on and he now WHAT… Wants her back! Really!Emma is now on a seesaw, she wants the love that did not want her, but now does and she wants the man who is currently seeking her attention and unbeknownst to her he (Bass) is falling for her hardcore.Emma must make a decision and I don’t like her choice. I am going into detail and this is all with spoilers.I am disappointed that Emma goes back with Carter, when after she tries to break-up with him (because she loves him and she fears he will not reciprocate this love), he dismisses her by saying “Thanks for the orgasm” and basically kicks her out. She literally gave her all to him. Hence the following dialogue “my opinion on the events”, Emma: I want to break up with you. Carter: No you don’t lets have sex. Emma: Okay. (as she looks at him with love) Carter: Thanks for the orgasm, now get out.) I believe he also tells everyone he broke up with her. JERK! After all this, she accepts him back because he says her LOVES her. Even his sister doesn’t think her brother is good enough for Emma. I do not doubt that he loves her. I see this a little with his immaturity, regardless it is his actions, how her treats her. He cheats on her when she gives him a second chance. It breaks my heart, because all she wanted was to be with him. Even though she had feelings for Bass, she shuts them down, just to be with Carter. And Carter shows no respect for her by his actions with FIVE other women. His body is hers as hers was his and he just shared a part of himself with those floozies’s.Emma is young and use to immaturity (Carter), this is why she chooses him. Bass is different, he is intense and this scares her, reason why she doesn’t choose him (initially). Will her she forgive Carter and the five-floozy incident? Will they love again? Or will, Emma give her heart to another (Bass) and will he protect her and love her the way she wants and needs? Book #1 gives us these answers. I did not read book #2, initially because at the end of book #1 it claims Blasphemous is the next book which made me uber happy because I am all about Carter, Bass, and Emma. I later found out that I jumped Book#2 to read Book#3. I am so excited for Emma’s new book and I will be reading Book #2 Trisha’s book (no worries) I just need to get my fill the saga of Carter, Emma and Bass. Good Goodness I love this series. Happy Reading!