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Raid - Kristen Ashley Oh My. I did not know how I would feel about this book. This is the third installment of the Unfinished Hero's series. I have not read the other books and the way Ms. Ashley writes, you do not need to. *Though I am sure it would be helpful with back stories*How shall I begin...Once upon a time, there was a young girl who knew she fell in love with a handsome gentleman at first sight. Though he never notice her, due to her plain hair and sweet untouchable features. For months she waited to be noticed and seen by this gentleman, going as far as stalking (mildly: showing up at his sister cafe everyday to see him *hey, it's a public establishment* lol).One day, this gentleman engages in a smooch fest with a lady caller, and our young maiden can no longer take being unnoticed. Our lady protagonist makes some serious changes to herself, outwardly and inwardly. She finds new passions in life and learns to treat herself and accentuate her god given features.Once the change has occurred, it is like all the movies, "She's all that", "Can't buy me love", "Beauty and the Beast", "the ugly duckling", or modern talk shows "From Geek to Sheek (urban meaning: Hot!)". Basically, she gets noticed.I loved this book. The highs and lowers, the honesty and humility. This story is so amazing with it's depiction of the real world, in various elements. I can't say that it is true "said events" but it was fab for me. Oh the sporting players in this were awesome. I love her best friend and Grandma is Hil-ar-ious.This is a great read and I will be reading this again. I only wish I had more of this book, because I love the characters.