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Flesh - Kylie Scott This is proving to be very difficult for me to read. I shall survive this, similar to zombies and the world ending!Update 4/16/13:I have finished. Great story line with Dan, Finn, & Ali. But zombies, blah. Minus the zombies this a four star. It took me so long to read this book. I believe I was more focused on the end of the world/zombie attach, than the true story. When I let all other judgements go, the love story and the partnership between Dan, Finn, and Ali was perfection. I do not believe I would read another book about zombies but I don't know.I love that even though Dan was with Ali first, that he was open to share Ali for the sake of her safety and knowing her so well. He knew she was slightly interested in Finn and he also saw that "the kid" this what Dan calls Finn, wants Ali. He is the voice of reason for the group. In any group relationship, someone has to be in charge. They each had a defining role and were in-charge of a section of their relationship.As for the end of the world, Kylie wrote it well.If you want great intimacy, the end of all of mankind, and a passionate story this books is for you.