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Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6)

Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6) - Maya Banks In Sweet Addiction, Ms. Banks gives us more information about Cole Madison. Throughout all the Sweet books, we have seen a glimmer of Cole, here and there, enough to make you intrigued. When we see more of Cole’s (in recent books) it is his dominance. This can be found in Micah and Angelina’s book. This book is broken into three parts, where each major character tells their story. Each of the people (Lucas, Cole, and Ren) are all broken for some reason and troubled with decisions they must make.Lucas: Has never lovedCole: Has loved and lostRen: Has healed, Loves her first love and fines love unexpectedly with anotherThe question is one woman, two men; what is a girl to do! I saw love them both and have a great relationship, that many women dream of but never voice out loud but I guess I just did! I found this book to be different then the other books, and I really enjoyed that. Cole was not major in the storylines so, I would not like to see all the ins and outs of the other characters unless he was always (I mean always) in the other books, which he wasn’t. His story was significant because you never understand why he did not have a submissive and why he was only interested in the women who were taken. I do want to know what is happening with my other Sweet ladies, I do miss their antics. I must say, Ms. Banks does allow we to see Serena, Angelina’s babies, but what about Faith (baby or no baby), Julie (I don’t know about a baby for her?) and Lyric (I think a baby would be great, but what about her career).All in all, it is great book. Great storyline and overall it brings something new to the Sweet life. P.S. These books can be read as a standalone. I actually read the books out of order, unintentionally. I did not want to know the opinions of others or any teasers so, when I saw a book I got it and read it. I have been smiling and re-crossing my legs in my seat ever since.Happy Reading.