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Fever (The Breathless Trilogy #2)

Fever - Maya Banks Fever is a Warren Buffett mets a chick with bits of Pretty Woman in the story. Jace is a man that normally does not get involved with woman long enough to have a relationship. But seeing Beth was lust/obsession at first sight. Due to the fact that he normally, only expresses his feelings with regards to his sister and his friendships, he did not know how to express his displeasure of sharing Beth with his (always tandem sexual partner) Ash.The book was good. I was pleased that I was able to see an extended version of Gabe and Mia, I did enjoy their story. The great thing about the Author is that she can close out a book, not making you want more from the characters. In this book I was very content with the ending, as I was with Rush. The book flowed well but I did have a logical concern but I believe it was explained well in the book "maybe"; why would Beth agree, with little knowledge other than past relations with Jace, to be with him. He was demanding and even if she was a natural submissive, she was very accepting of his dominance and ordering to stay with him or at his places and agree to have sex. The only justification I found in the storyline was that...I guess I got none. I am still baffled by this decision she made.